Whatever I WANT
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La fragancia de tu aroma no siento, pero estas aquí frente a mis ojos, mi mano estiro pero no te puedo alcanzar o te alcanzo y una vez más tu tersa piel puedo acariciar, todo es tan confuso ¿como es que volviste? 


As the path I follow gets farther away from you, the distance slowly stops the wound from going deeper to my heart, eventually time will stop its course when we meet again  … 

The bridge

There I crossed- while I pointed at a distant bridge. My mind undusted old memories buried inside moments of the present. Like a journey to the past my mind left me alone with this thoughts, back in the days I used to cross that old bridge. Everyday people went by, crossing each other without meeting an eye; we where, back then, far away from our surroundings, far away from the pople we´ve encounter,far away from each other, one could asume that´s another point of view to relativity, because even if we where as close as one´s arm lenght, we were miles away in our own lonely mind.

   One day my battery suddenly died whle crossing that bridge, It was so odd, my eyes where briefly blind by the sun´s light that gazed that morning, having even lost the sense of where did the sun came up from Ilift my head to find it and I saw a blue sky, my mind came to a stop, a perfectly clear blue sky laid above, I took my earphones off and the funny sound of them pluggin off from my ears came along with the steps of others passing by There I was like a fool to others but no one noticed enveloped in their own minds 

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It took me almost an hour to find a headset that…

a) can be connected in USB port.
b) or has a fucking adapter for those 3.5mm plugs.
c) is meant for gaming.

The last point is fucking crucial. Seriously.

Son of a bish cost me 91 euros. Oh well.

there are some logitech headsets that cover a) c) and d) perfectly and cost way less than that. mine cost in the equivalent to 13-14 euros it even had a mute button which was awesome